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Put All Your Small Business Legal Ducks in a Row Today

Whether you want to form a business, or buy a new space, or protect your intellectual property, you’ll get the help you need when you hire G. Philip J. Zies in Melbourne, FL. Our attorney uses more than two decades of legal experience to navigate you through the corporate board room and the Florida courtroom. G. Philip J. Zies focuses his practice on helping his clients with issues pertaining to business law, intellectual property and real estate law. Our attorney will look over your case to determine the best approach before walking you through the legal process. When you need help in or out of the Florida courtroom, turn to G. Philip J. Zies in Melbourne. Schedule your free consultation as soon as possible by calling 321-610-3707.

Hire the Dedicated Attorney at G. Philip J. Zies, PLLC Today

Don't try to handle the legalities of your corporation, your limited liability company or your other corporate entity alone. The attorney at G. Philip J. Zies is licensed in Florida and in New York, and has been licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office for more than five years. Offering a multi-dimensional perspective of the law, the legal professional at G. Philip J. Zies is ready to help you to protect your intellectual property, to manage your business disputes and to help you with real estate transactions. Speak with our Melbourne attorney today by calling 321-610-3707. You won't regret putting our lawyer in your legal corner.

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