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Settle Your Conflicts With G. Philip J. Zies

Settle Your Conflicts With G. Philip J. Zies

Choose a Melbourne, Florida real estate lawyer to help with your landlord-tenant dispute

Every tenant wants an attentive landlord and every landlord wants a responsible tenant. The landlord-tenant relationship is built on these values. However, sometimes misunderstandings occur or mistakes happen, resulting in complex and tedious landlord-tenant disputes. If you’re not able to reach an agreement with your tenant on your own, seek legal counsel with G. Philip J. Zies in Melbourne, Florida right away.

Attorney Zies is here to settle your dispute

Disputes with landlords or tenants should be handled swiftly and carefully so that both sides reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Contact G. Philip J. Zies in Melbourne, FL if you need help:

  • Determining how to evict a nonpaying tenant
  • Settling property upkeep and repair conflicts
  • Filing a lawsuit to stop criminal activity on your rental property
  • Renewing, revising or terminating a lease agreement