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Protect Your Rights as a Tenant With G. Philip J. Zies

Protect Your Rights as a Tenant With G. Philip J. Zies

Hire a Melbourne, FL attorney for tenant-landlord law assistance

Is your landlord evicting you? Will your landlord not make necessary repairs to your home, apartment or commercial facility? You need legal representation from a reputable tenant lawyer. Schedule your free consultation with G. Philip J. Zies of Melbourne, Florida today. Attorney Zies will fight for your rights and work aggressively to reach a mutual agreement between you and your landlord.

Don’t let your tenant-landlord dispute get out of hand – call attorney Zies right now

You can trust attorney Zies to make sure that your tenant rights are protected. With years of experience with landlord-tenant cases, he will:

  • Analyze the terms of your rental agreement
  • Address any housing discrimination issues
  • Identify profit-oriented solutions for landlords and tenants
  • Work diligently to avoid or resolve evictions or lawsuits